Monday, February 18, 2013

Study !

As i said every song has its' own story or every picture has its own story . Every each people in this earth have their own story no matter the old or the young one . One thing that i don't like when certain people love to jugde me everything they like without knowing me more . 

Okay stop ! I always talk about love , now its about my education . Argh ! Today is BM and BI exam , fheww ! :) i just past 3 subject there is 8 more to go . Toworow is SEJ , MaTh and haha i forgot . This year is different form the last year or years that have past , this year i got spirit to study like i want to grab all the A's haha , i wish i could grab it all , if not all at least some of it ;D . Pray for me , i'm hopping that what i wish to get i get :) . Pray the best for me you all's

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