Saturday, July 6, 2013


Assalammualaikum ! =D

Okay , lately he always ask me many question , well that is he when he got truly in love with me . Want to know what question he keeps on asking me ? 

One of them are :

~ Sayangkan by tak ? 
~Sayang rindukan by tak ? 
~Sayang tak nak kehilangan by ? 
~Sayang perlukan by lagi ke ? 
~Sayang tak ada orang lain kan ? 
~Sayang bahagia tak dengan by ?
~By teruk ke sayang ? 

Well , there is many of it but i kind of not remembering , next time maybe i'll remember it . I really don't mind if he keeps on telling me such a question of that , i don't mind if 1000 same question he keeps on asking me , because i answer he's question deeply truly in my heart , and whatever i said that is the truthfulness . I can't bear to lied to him , he is to kind for me to lie , and I really appreciate what he has done to me :) He really LOVE me 

To BE conTInue  

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