Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan :D

Assalammualaikum ! :D

Wahhh , long time no see you Mr.Blogger , well just about two days past i have been righting on you right . Now it is ' RAMADAN ' i was so excited ,do you know that ? yeah , i know you don't know haha . Well , yesterday was the first Ramadan , it was fun , and i'm use to it , i love RAMADAN very much , because i get to feel , to know how people don't eat out there at somewhere , if i could wish , i wish i could give them to eat , because when that happen , i will thanks to GOD . I am very proud of them because they can still alive even though it is about 3 days they don't eat . It is very sad when talking about this . Never mind , GOD is FAIR to everyone ='D . Guess what !! There is something happier happen on the first night of Ramadan , when i get back from mosque . WAAAAAAA ! Okay Mr.Blogger !! Come on ! guess what happen , guess , guess , guess . I know you are wondering what is it ! It is about HIM ! The one that i LOVE . Ameerrizuan! 
Okay the story is like this , when i get back from mosque , mom and dad weren't home yet , they were at the shop buying something to eat , and then i lie down on my bed tried haha , and then mom and dad are back form the shop so mom call us at the room to come out get something to eat , and then i go out of the room . All of sudden , mom said dad just saw 'Ustaz' at the mosque , he greetings hand with  our father telling you're father is he well or not . I was thinking who is the ' Ustaz ' , and then dad say ' you're mother future son-in-law . Okay ! a biggest smile i give them , then mom said ' it was ustaz amer , wearing robe ' hahahaha ! i laugh a lot that night you know , it makes me being so shy that night . What a sweet memory ! Oh no Blogger ! don't get jealous , I love you too the prove is i always say story to you about me , about my world , about what i get that not some people get ;)  , okay i think i have to get ready to go to school ! ^___^ . I will see you next time Mr.Blogger ! Miss You ! Love you so much ! Thank you for listening to my story ! 

To Be ConTinUe ..

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