Friday, July 12, 2013

Talking About The Person I Love

Assalammualaikum ! xD

Here you go my hero ! He looks like a very great person wearing ' Jubah ' , doesn't you feel he is cute ^__^ . Well , he is mine okay ! Actually i force him to take one picture hehe , am i too cruel ? No =P . So what am i going to talk about . First His name is Ameerrizuan safuan , i met him about 2 years ago , maybe i kind of not remembering  . Oh yeah ! The date is 27.11.2010 until now 13.07.2013 , and insyallah if GOD let us be together until the fate is not there and one more thing if we are match insyallah Allah met us one day even though we are far away together  =D . Well , actually i'm still young to talk about love , it is funny sometimes , because people will said it is a ' PUPPY LOVE ' , well never mind . But , in our relationship things that i love is he love taking care of me , love to know more about me , ignore his heart more than me , sometimes he never give up to make me smile , because to him i am too special and important . I am not so PERFECT but i try to be the BEST for him , make him proud of me . Love is love but about knowledge i never give up on giving  him support so that he can try more and more to succeed , be the person that is never i imagine of ^__^ . Argh ! am i too over ? ==' Now at Malaysia is 1:43 am , what am i doing ? just can't sleep . So , that's all i think i can share it with you , next time i'll tell more story , my story is not that interesting , well it is about my LIFE . I think my eyes want me to take him to sleep ^_^  .SO Mr.Blogger let's go to sleep , i bet you are sleepy too right ? i am always right hahaha Good Night Everyone i hope tomorrow is more better than yesterday . Amin 

t0 B3 C0NTINU3 ..... 

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