Wednesday, July 17, 2013

When Its Going To End

Assalammualaikum ='D !

Tears , tears , tears and a hundred of tears is on the way to fall off my eyes , =') when Dear when this all is going to end , its about every single day we had a fight , EVERY SINGLE DAY . and that's all start from me , i don't know why i am behaving like that , STUPID STUPID STUPID . Well ! how long i am going to act like this , for how long i am going to hurt his feelings , sometimes i feel so regret for doing this to you , really don't mean to hurt you Dear =') . If one day i am going to missing you , i was just hoping you could leave with happiness . Just now you said , i am the girl that you have been looking for , you make those special surprise on my birthday that none of your ex could get right ? I hope it was true , and i will never ever forgot those memory that have been trough . You are the first boy that make to me like that , a very special surprise , you bought me a teddy bear , you bought me your heart with that bear , that bear is always by my side when i miss you Dear , that bear always remembering me our memory and you =') . But i am the stupid girl that cannot appreciate what have you done to me . You still can be patient when i behave like that , when i have done so many things that hurt  your feelings . I am so proud of you Dear ,  really proud of you Dear , even thought you have gone trough many things you still love me as always , you never leave me , you always give me another chances , why Dear ? i can't bear to hurt your feelings more , that hurt me too Dear ='( . Just now we had a fight right ? and you just make me cry Dear , you really do , for a long time i never cry but today you make me cry ='( . I regret that i meet you because you are too good for me , you are to kind for me , you appreciate me so well , you take care of me , you always catch time to always on time but i just ignore it , i'm blind i can't see those things ='( , i don't know why i can't be matured to think about it . I wish i never meet you  , maybe if we weren't fate you could be more happy than being with me right ? i could be happy when you are happy . But when i think back , girl that leave the boy , when the boy is really in love with that girl is the regret person ever ! . I don't want to waste any of time when i am with you , i am going to appreciate each time when i am with you , maybe that's the last time we meet so better i appreciate you now , when anything happen , i would remember that i have make you happy before anything happen right . I maybe can't make anything that you wish for , i maybe can't make you happy always , i maybe not always always by your side , i maybe ignore you but one think you should know , i bear to love you about 3 years , 9 month i wait for you to come back to my life Dear after you game me for the first time we couple . You are my FIRST LOVE  how ever could i forget you Dear ! HOW ! HOW ! HOW ! My heart has written your name DEAR ! YOUR NAME WAS WRITTEN IN MY HEART , I COULD NOT RUB THAT I COULD NOT GET RID OF IT ! I CAN'T BEAR TO DO THAT ='( . You know what Dear , just now i pray to GOD , with a tears Dear , i pray with honestly , i pray To God , to get rid of that hurt , i said throw all out the hurts in your feelings , i can't bear to see you in hurting position , i bear to take that hurt feelings , i am willing to take that feel Dear ='( . I pray if you are not my mate i pray to GOD so that you could fine someone that is more better than me , someone that can make you always happy , someone that never hurt your feelings , someone that is always by your side waiting for you each hour =') . If you are happy Dear , i am always happy . I have feel that , for 1 month =) . I was wishing for one day to make you happy with me , i always pray the best for you Dear . I want you to know , that you are the only one is the BEST for me ='D 


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